Hi, my name is Emily and I’m a travel writer who has been inspiring women to travel the world and push beyond their comfort zone.

Many of my readers are nurses who love to travel. They don’t have an inheritance so they have to work to see the world – they work extra-hard, extra-long hours, rushing around until their body says DROP.

At the heart of their exhaustion is often… footwear. I mean, who wants “sensible” shoes? Or “comfortable” ones? We all do, but we don’t call them that, right?

After walking many miles a day and not taking care of my feet, travel is harder due to a plantar fasciitis condition that can make it excruciating to walk even short distances. Had I done all this research before, I might well have been in a very different place today. I might have found great shoes that support my feet while letting me work and walk.

So for all my delightful nursing friends, whether you have the spirit of wanderlust or are staying put, I’ve gone deep into your favorite topic: footwear. Rather than spend hours and hours scouring the web for the right size, width, shape, style, material or price, you’ll find it all here: choices, reviews, comparison charts – and answers to every possible question you might have under the sun when it comes to what to put on your feet when you’re an active, energetic nursing professional.

Nursing shoes may well be the most important investment you make in your professional health.

Let’s work together to help you find the ideal shoes not just for your feet but also for your working environment – shoes that fit, protect you and yes, even look good!

Because finding the best nursing shoes should be a pleasure, not a chore.