Best Nursing Shoes


If you’re a nurse, you absolutely need something special to wear on your feet, whether it’s cute white nursing shoes, crocs for nurses, or even wide width nursing clogs.

In general, you need something high-quality, comfortable and water-resistant. Your shoes will have to hold up under tons of use, feel good after a long shift, and be safe to wear around spills or when you run down the halls. And for some nurses, having an attractive shoe is just as important as having a practical one — remember, you’ll spend years of your life in your nursing footwear!

Yes, you could just walk into a department store and find a pair of sneakers, but chances are those shoes won’t cut it after months of heavy use. Instead, why don’t you scroll through our list of awesome nursing shoes and find the perfect fit?


Best Nursing Shoes Reviews and Comparison Chart

This comparison chart should help you quickly and easily compare some of our favorite shoes. Concerned about cost? Check out the last column. Want color choices? I wrote down which colors to expect from each pair. Need something slip resistant? The “Special Features” row tells it all.

For more in-depth reviews of each shoe, scroll below the chart and find the pair you’re interested in. Enjoy!

Nurse Mates VelocityWomen's Sneaker; Women's Tennis Shoe Black, White, Other Colors including black swirl, blue floral, steel blue lines, etc.Stretchy laces; Lightweight; No-slip soles; Water-resistant; Orthopedic design $$
Dansko Women's Professional Box Leather ClogWomen's Clog; Women's Slip-On Black, White, Other Neutral Colors including Brown, Red Leather, etc. Leather; Comfortable; Easy to wipe down $$$
Merrell Women's Encore Breeze 3 Slip-On ShoeWomen's Slip-On Black, Grey, Silver, Green, Blue, etc. Fabric; Room for custom orthodics; Slip-resistant soles $$$
Crocs Unisex Specialist ClogWomen's Slip-On; Women's Clog; Men's Slip-On; Men's Clog Black, White, Navy Synthetic; Easy to wipe down; Water-resistant; Massaging footbed $
safeTstep Slip Resistant Women's Black Women's Gretchen ClogWomen's Slip-On; Women's Clog Black, Black Paisley, Brown Synthetic; Slip-resistant soles$
akesso Womens Helia Smooth Whiteout Leather Slip On ShoeWomen's Slip-On; Women's Clog Black, White, Other Colors and Patterns including Brown, Polka Dot, Hibiscus, etc. Leather; Waterproof; Easy to wipe down; Reinforced toe; Removable inserts $
Dansko Elise Women Fashion SneakersWomen's Sneaker; Women's Tennis Shoe Black, White, Other Colors including Taupe, Blue, Brown, etc. Leather; Lightweight; No-slip soles $$$
Skechers Women's Sport D'Lites Me Time SneakerWomen's Sneaker; Women's Tennis ShoeOther Colors and Patterns including leopard, gold, hot pink, iridescent blue, etc. Fabric/Leather; Memory foam insert; Supportive; Built-in heel$$
Skechers for Work Women's Eldred Lace Up
Women's Sneaker; Women's Tennis ShoeBlack, White Leather; Memory foam sole; No-slip soles; Water-resistant $$
Nurse Mates Libby
Women's Slip-On; Women's Clog Black, White, Other Patterns including Snakeskin Leather; Good cushion; Slip-resistant soles $$
Alegria Women's debra Slip-On,Black Emboss RoseWomen's Slip-On; Women's Clog Black, White, Other Colors and Patterns including skulls, red hearts, and a number of geometric and abstract prints Leather; Removable foam footbed (room for orthodics); Easy to wipe down$$$
Dansko Women's Professional MuleWomen's Slip-On; Women's Mule; Women's Clog Black, White, Other Colors and Patterns including black sparkle, wildflower, “blue motif," etc. Leather; Easy to wipe down; Good support$$$
Women's Professional Patent ClogWomen's Slip-On; Women's Clog Black, White, Other Colors including Fuchsia, Red, Navy etc. Patent Leather; Rocker heel; Easy to wipe down $$
KEEN Utility Men's PTC Oxford Work ShoeMen's Work Shoe; Men's Sneaker; Men's Tennis ShoeBlackLeather; Water-resistant; Stain-resistant; No-slip soles $$$
Skechers Men's Black Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip OnMen's Slip-On; Men's ClogBlackWater-resistant; No-slip soles$

Best Nursing Clogs

Looking for the best clogs for nurses?  Nurse clogs are a popular shoe style in the medical field because of their simplicity: no laces to keep track of, easy to wipe clean, and extremely comfortable. But because of their practicality, there are a million clogs for nurses on the market  — how do you choose?

Here are our recommendations: 

Work Wonders by Dansko Women’s Camellia Clog

You’ll see quite a few Dansko nurse clogs in this guide because the Dankso brand name is almost as synonymous with nursing shoes as Kleenex is with tissues.

These lightweight clogs make great slip-on nursing shoes and provide a slimmer profile than the traditional mule.

Unfortunately, it’s rare to find cheap Dankso nursing clogs, but all the color options (pink zebra print, anyone?) and comfortable cushioned insole make up for the price.

Patent LeatherTend to run small/fit snugly on wide feet
Accommodates custom orthodics Expensive
Number of color options and fun patterns
Easy to wipe clean
Slim profile
Easy to slip on

Sanita Women’s Professional Patent Clog

Ah, a shiny patent leather clog. Does it get better? If you were looking for navy nursing shoes or purple nursing shoes with a little flair, these Sanita nursing shoes come in a fun variety of solid colors. The 1.75″ heel gives you an extra height boost, while the rocker bottom makes them easy on your feet.

You can wipe these down easily, and in general, the Sanita shoes cost less than the Dansko alternative. All in all, they’re an excellent pair of nursing clogs for women everywhere.

Shiny patent leather Still fairly expensive
Variety of solid color options Shiny exterior may peel
Rocker heel for easy movement Snug fit
Traditional clog style
Easy to slip on
Easy to wipe clean

Best White Nursing Shoes

All-white nursing shoes: A popular choice for clinicals and even some practices and hospitals. While they might seem boring and plain, there’s something refreshing about clean, white shoes for nurses.

Plus, most creators of nursing shoes know that white is a standard “color” choice, and thus, quality nursing shoes almost always come with a solid white option. If you don’t find a favorite in this line-up, scroll through the rest of the list: you can buy nearly every other shoe in this guide in white.

Here are our recommendations: 

Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

White Dankso nursing shoes might just be the “poster shoe” of the nursing world. While this style also comes in a number of colors (how about antique brown?), if you’re looking for all-white leather nursing shoes, look no further.

You get the slip-on ease of a clog with the confidence of a brand name shoe boasting a great reputation. They look very professional and once you find the right size, nurses say they are extremely comfortable.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for cheap white nursing shoes, these aren’t the ones: You’ll pay a premium for the quality and name, but it’s probably worth it to have a great shoe!

Leather Expensive
Dankso name-brand Some sizing complaints (check reviews for advice)
Easy slip-on clog style
Other neutral color options
Easy to wipe off

NurseMates Shoes: Women’s Angel Lites

Here’s another good, basic option for white nursing shoes for women.  These white nursing sneakers won’t get you points for style, but they are leather, have slip-resistant soles and are easy to wipe down.

Because they’re latex-free, anyone can wear them, and nurses say they’re lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear right out of the box. So why not add these white nursing tennis shoes to your wardrobe?

LeatherNot very attractive
Slip-resistant soles Need to be laced-up
Comfortable white nursing shoes Mid-range price
Easy to wipe down
Solid white nursing shoes

Nursing Shoes: Most Comfortable (Great For Problem Feet!)

If you have to be on your feet for 12-hour shifts and/or you suffer from any ailments like plantar fasciitis, flat feet or a bad back, comfortable nursing shoes aren’t just a plus, they’re a necessity.

You need something that stays on your foot without squishing your toes and that has plenty of support. Memory foam insoles are icing on the cake! So where are all the comfy shoes for nurses?

Here are our picks: 

Alegria Women’s Kayla Clog

These make stellar orthopedic nursing shoes because they come with a comfortable cork, memory foam and leather-covered latex footbed that you might love, but even if you don’t, you can remove it and use your own custom orthotics instead.

This pair of Alegria shoes for nurses features a stain-resistant leather upper and you can get it in all white, all black and a number of other colors like snakeskin, “golden jungle” and numerous floral designs. A great choice if you need supportive shoes for nurses and/or have any foot ailments.

Leather Expensive
Comfortable insoles that you can remove and replace with orthodics Not a high back, might be easier to slip out of
Tons of colors and patterns Tend to run small
Stain resistant

Merrell Women’s Encore Breeze 3 Slip-On Shoe

This is one of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis because there’s plenty of room for specialty orthotics.

This pair of Merrell nursing shoes is comfortable and easy to slip on, although some might not like the 3/4 ankle height because your foot can slide out too easily. They feature a simple streamlined look that comes in a number of colors including sky blue and spring green.

That being said, they’re not inexpensive and aren’t as easy to wipe clean as shoes with a smooth upper.

Plenty of room for custom orthodics Synthetic material
Number of solid color options Harder to wipe clean because of textured surface
Great for nurses with plantar fasciitis Foot might slip out of low back
Easy to slip on
Simple shape
Slip-resistant rubber soles

Alegria Women’s Essence Sneaker

If you need leather nursing shoes with an athletic feel and good fit, these are a great pair of comfortable sneakers for nurses. You get tons of color options (even navy blue nursing shoes — with sparkles no less) in a very stylish shoe that’ll look great after work and while you’re on the clock.

There’s oodles of room for custom orthotics and even though laces can be a pain, they allow you to get a custom fit. Some nurses have had trouble double-knotting the laces, so consider buying longer ones in addition to shoes. These are great lightweight nursing shoes that won’t make your feet drag.

Leather Laces may be too short to double knot
Stylish sporty look Expensive
Lots of color options including sparkly choices May run small
Room for custom orthodics
Slip-resistant soles

Best Cheap Nursing Shoes

You know what they say, “You get what you pay for,” but sometimes you only have room in your budget for affordable nursing shoes.

Sure everyone wants to find some cheap Dankso nursing clogs, but that’s not really going to happen. So how do you get the best possible footwear for the lowest price?

Check out this list of cheap nursing clogs and sneakers that won’t burn a hole in your wallet:

Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Crocs are well-known as comfortable shoes, and nursing Crocs are no different.

These are classic clog-style rubber nursing shoes with a footbed that massages your feet as you walk. If you need cheap clogs for nurses, these ones have some nice features at a good price, including decent arch support.

Additionally, you can easily wipe dirt and grime off the exterior of the shoe and the loose fit is nice for nurses with wide feet. This particular pair is sized for both men and women.

InexpensiveSling back could cause problems when running
Comfortable Wide fit might slip off narrower feet
Easy to wipe down and water resistant Not overly attractive
Easy slip-on style
Massaging footbed
Arch support

safeTstep Slip Resistant Women’s Gretchen Clog

These clog nursing shoes give you the Dankso look without the Dansko price, and nurses still think they are comfortable.

Unsurprisingly, these aren’t made of leather, but if you want a good basic nursing shoe in black or brown, you could give these a try! They even have slip resistant soles. A great choice for discount nursing clogs.

Inexpensive Some sizing discrepancy (check reviews for recommendations)
Easy slip-on clog style Synthetic material
Simple color choices
Slip-resistant soles

AnyWear Women’s Zone Clog

These have a similar look to Crocs nursing shoes and also share the reasonable price. They’re an easy slip-on shoe with a sling back, and they’re easy to wipe down.

Unfortunately, they only come in full sizes, but otherwise are lightweight and comfortable. Plus you can get these in a variety of colors and patterns like floral, leopard print and owls. Who says you can’t have a fun shoe for under $50? Get these nursing shoes cheap.

Inexpensive Sling back can be hard to run in
Variety of fun colors and patternsOnly come in full sizes
Easy to wipe down

Akesso Women’s Helia Slip On Shoe

As far as cheap nursing shoes go, these ones are a little on the pricier end, but the best deal for the quality guarantee of a leather upper.

These are waterproof, easy to clean, and the toe is reinforced which is great if you tend to bump into things often. The insole is both comfortable and removable, plus the clog design means you can easily slip in and out of these without fussing with laces.

They have a sleeker design than a traditional mule, and come in a variety of subdued colors like black and brown, but also a fun black polka dot print and grey hibiscus pattern. You just might need a pair!

Inexpensive Sizing discrepancies (check reviews for recommendations)
Leather Soles are not slip-resistant
Reinforced toe
Removable inserts
Nice color and pattern choices
Waterproof and easy to clean



Best Leather Nursing Shoes

When searching for quality footwear, looking for “leather” on the label is always a good idea. It’s no different in the medical profession: all leather shoes for nursing hold up best to the wear and tear of your demanding job.

You’ll typically pay a premium for the shoes, but you’ll hopefully get a great life out of each pair.

Here are our recommendations: 

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

These Dankso nursing clogs are a classic, popular nursing shoe, so they get this category all to themselves.

The leather upper comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns (black sparkle, wildflower and “blue motif,” to name a few) and the instep includes a padded collar for ultimate comfort. A damp soapy cloth or sponge will remove surface dirt and grime and the wide heel keeps you steady on your feet.

If you still haven’t found shoes for clinicals, these also come as white leather nursing shoes.

Leather Expensive
Wide variety of colors and patterns including all whiteEnamel exterior tends to crack
Name brand recognition Sizing can be tricky (read reviews before purchasing)
Easy slip-on style
Easy to wipe down
Good support

Best Tennis Shoe For Nurses/Best Sneakers for Nurses

Nursing tennis shoes? Nursing sneakers? Whatever you call them, if you’re looking for the best athletic shoes for nurses, we’ve found something for you.

Sometimes it’s nice to wear sporty footwear because it transitions so well into after-work attire, and because, let’s face it, nursing is a work out! If you’re a nurse, sneakers can be the perfect all-purpose shoe.

Here are our favorites: 

Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

If you want fairly inexpensive white tennis shoes for nursing, these are the ones.

You can also buy them in black and cream, and add your own orthodic inserts to make them even more comfortable. They’re stylish and simple, making them an understated addition to your nursing wardrobe.

Comfortable with room for additional insertsSynthetic material
Fairly inexpensive Some sizing discrepancies (check reviews for advice)
No-slip soles
Multiple widths available
White nursing sneakers (also black and cream colors)

Nurse Mates Velocity

These are some seriously comfortable tennis shoes for nurses, AND they are easy to get on.

Instead of typical “must tie them” laces, these have elastic laces so you can slide your foot into the shoe easily. You get all the convenience of a clog in the sporty style of a sneaker.

Plus, the no slip skids will keep you safe on your feet and the orthopedic inserts make these lightweight tennis shoes extremely nurse-friendly.

Buy them in all black, all white, or a few other fun patterns including black swirl, blue floral and steel blue lines. Enjoy what might be the most comfortable sneakers for nurses.

Super stylish sneaker Expensive
Stretchy laces Take time to break in
Fun color options as well as black and white choices Some say they aren't as cushioned as other options
Orthopedic design
No-slip soles

Nike Women’s Cheer Unite Sneakers

These are some great women’s white nursing shoes that double as all-around good tennis shoes for nurses.

The synthetic exterior is easy to wipe down, and the fact that these were designed for cheerleaders means they’re cute as well as extremely functional.

And if that’s not good enough, this pair of Nike nursing shoes is very comfortable, so you can run down the halls without running out of steam. It can be a challenge to find an all white tennis shoe for nurses, but here you go!

Stylish, sleek sneaker Must be laced up
Solid white nursing shoes Tend to fit snugly, might order half a size up
Easy to wipe down
Flexible shoe/Easy to run around in
Mid-range price

Best Black Nursing Shoes

If you aren’t interested in (or required to wear) solid white nursing shoes, all black nursing shoes might be your next choice.

They offer flexibility and will go with most colors/styles of scrubs, but are much easier to keep clean. Plus, the right pair can transition to street attire when the work day (or night) is done.

Check out our recommendations: 

Dansko Women’s Elise Fashion Sneaker

If you’re looking for black leather nursing shoes with an attractive sporty-look, these Dansko nursing shoes are the ones for you.

You can leave the laces tied and enjoy the ease of slipping in and out of your shoes without settling for the less-attractive black nursing clogs option.  They have supportive insoles and to top it all off, they are cute nursing shoes that’ll go great with leggings or jeans on your days off.

Cute and stylish (easily double as street shoes) Expensive
Black and other color options including all-whiteTend to run small/fit snugly
No-slip soles
Brand recognition

Nurse Mates Women’s Libby Slip On

You’re a nurse: black shoes are your favorite, but you want something without laces that’s easy to slip on and isn’t quite as bulky as clog.

Meet Libby. She has a sleek design, is made of leather, and slides on easily. You can get her in solid black or white and there’s even a faux snakeskin option for an exotic vibe. Plus, Nurse Mates nursing shoes tend to be less expensive than their Dankso competitors.

LeatherRun small
All-black, all-white and color optionsLess expensive than Dansko but not cheap
Easy to slip on
Not as bulky as a clog
Good cushion
Slip-resistant soles

Colorful Nursing Shoes

So you wore white shoes to clinicals and bought a black pair to have something versatile, but maybe you are interested in something more fun.

How about pink nursing shoes? Or red nursing shoes? Maybe even leopard print nursing shoes? We found some high quality options that come in a number of fun prints and colors (and are also comfortable and practical).

Here are the best (and most colorful) choices: 

Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

If you’re allowed to wear colorful footwear, these sneakers for nurses come in dozens of color combinations and prints, including leopard, gold, hot pink and iridescent blue.

And besides being cute and sporty, they’re extremely comfortable and supportive. They’ll even make you a little taller with a substantial, but sturdy, rubber sole. These are the ultimate in fun nursing shoes.

Tons of color/pattern optionsNeed to be laced up
Extremely comfortable with memory foam insole Tend to run small
Cute and stylish (easily double as street footwear)
Mid-range price

Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On

If you want color options in a slip-on, these Alegria nursing shoes are a great choice.

The 1.5 inch heel gives you a little height, while the leather is easy to wipe down after a messy day. The only thing to worry about might be the lack of tread.

But if you want skull nursing shoes, these might be the only pair on the market. You can also get red heart-print, floral print, and a number of abstract and geometric patterns. Just want brown nursing shoes? These come in a simple “hazelnut” shade.

Amazing color options and plenty of patterns Tread isn't as good as it could be
Easy to wipe down Expensive
Slip-on style
Comfortable foam footbed that can be removed and replaced with custom orthodics

Best Non-Slip Nursing Shoes

A day in the life of a nurse can often feel like never-ending crisis management, and one of those daily crises is likely to be spills.

That’s why non slip nursing shoes are such an important part of your uniform — the last thing you want when taking care of others is to fall and hurt yourself.

Here’s our line-up of some of the best slip resistant nursing shoes on the market: 

Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

With this one, it’s in the name. These non-skid nursing shoes not only keep you standing, they are water resistant as well.

Easily wipe them off and enjoy walking around all day on the memory foam sole. These are also a great choice if you’re interested in white leather tennis shoes for nurses, and they come in black, as well.

LeatherTend to run small
All white or all black options Have to lace them up
Memory foam sole
No-slip soles
Mid range price

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

When it comes to non-slip options, Skechers nursing shoes deliver.

This pair is for people who want something with no-slip soles that doesn’t require lacing. They aren’t the most stylish shoes out there, but they are simple and won’t draw much attention. Like their sneaker-style sister above, these are leather and come in both solid white and solid black.

Non-slip soles Tend to run large
Leather Not as stylish
Easy slip-on style
Solid black and white options
Mid-range price (particularly for a leather shoe)

Most Stylish Nursing Shoes

These are shoes chosen from the sections above that I’ve personally deemed “stylish.” Obviously, we all have different tastes, but if your main concern with your footwear is what it looks like, then here’s a good round-up of my top picks. Click the link to see more information about each shoe:

Best Men’s Nursing Shoes

It shouldn’t be so hard to find male nursing shoes — you need safe, comfortable footwear as much as your female coworkers. And while men have been in the medical field since its inception, your relatively recent debut in the nursing world makes nursing shoes for men a little trickier to find. Right or wrong, people picture Florence Nightingale before Edward Lyon.

That means that you might have to search outside the box to find the best shoes for male nurses: Think of looking at shoes for restaurant workers or for folks in factories with slippery floors. The good news? We already did the hard work for you. We scoured the internet to find you the best nursing shoes for men based on comfort, non-slip soles, and water resistant exteriors, even if they aren’t marketed directly at the male nurse.

Here are our recommendations: 

Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

Yes, the picture is of a black shoe, but these comfortable, lightweight work shoes do come in white, making them perfect white men’s nursing shoes.

You’ll love the memory foam padded insoles and that the exterior won’t absorb any fluids you come in contact with. Plus, these shoes will look just as great with a pair of jeans after work as they did with scrubs in the OR.

Comes in white and blackMust be laced-up
Memory foam insole Made of synthetic materials
Mid-range price
Stylish sneaker-style

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

For those interested in men’s nursing clogs, or something to slip on and off easily, this shoe is a great fit.

Even with a breathable mesh top, the shoe resists liquids. They’re not the most stylish shoe, but the non-slip soles will keep you safe running up and down hospital hallways, and the price is reasonable for the quality.

Easy slip-onNot as stylish
Water-resistant May run large
Non-slip soles Only comes in black
Simple black nursing shoe
Reasonable price

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe

If you are looking for a work-boot-style as opposed to clogs for male nurses, this shoe has it all.

The leather outer resists spills, while the slip-resistant skids and cushioned insoles make 12-hour shifts feel a little less cumbersome. Some say you can’t quite double-tie the laces, so consider investing in longer ones if you enjoy knotting.

The price tag makes these shoes an investment, but if you need shoes for male nurses that will hold up over time, these will do the trick.

Resilient work boot style Bulkier appearance
Water-resistant Only comes in black
No-slip soles

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip On Work Shoe

Here we have everyday men’s nursing clogs that blend a leather upper with a cushioned rubber sole.

You can easily slip these shoes on and off (no lacing or knotting required). The memory foam insert will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, while the slip-resistant treads will keep you safe.

If your main priorities for a shoe are comfort and ease, this one checks both boxes.

Leather Wide fit
No-slip soles Only comes in black
Slip-on clog style Boring style
Memory foam insert Expensive
No-mark soles


Nursing Shoes Buying Guide

Buying nursing shoes isn’t particularly difficult, but there are so many choices they might be overwhelming. You’re probably filled with questions, so here are a few answers that can help you decide which one is right for you!

Do I have to spend a lot of money on fancy brand names? 

Let’s face it, nursing shoes can be expensive, especially if you’re interested in quality brands like Dankso. These shoes are often made of leather, a material which almost always holds up longer than synthetic alternatives.

If longevity is your main concern, spending more usually works in your favor. You are buying one pair of shoes to last you two years, rather than a new pair each year.

That being said, you can get a comfortable and cute pair of shoes for a decent price, just have reasonable expectations for its lifespan.

How important is a no-slip sole? 

Well, how often are you slipping around right now? If you don’t have non-slip shoes on your feet today and you have nearly face-planted a few times, we recommend getting something made to resist slipping as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it depends on exactly where in a hospital or practice you work. If you run a lot, or are constantly cleaning up spills, you might want to find a shoe that specializes in dealing with wet floors.

What should I look for if I need a comfortable shoe? 

First things first: you need a good fit. A pair of one nurse’s comfortable shoes are a pair of another’s nurses most uncomfortable shoes if the sizing is off. That’s why should make sure to read reviews before buying a pair: do these shoes run small? Big? Wide? Too narrow?

Next, consider the insole. Memory foam or another cushioned support can make you feel like you’re walking on clouds instead of concrete.

Finally, what about the material? A rubber or synthetic shoe might cause your feet to sweat, making the shoes uncomfortable after a couple hours. Leather or breathable fabric, on the other hand, could keep your toes cool and dry.

Should I choose something colorful? Or muted? 

Unless your hospital or practice requires white medical shoes, you have the option to invest in something more striking or eye-catching. But do you want to? That’s largely up to your personality and your need for functionality.

If you want people to notice your shoes, there’s always that pink zebra print. If you need something to go with your patterned scrubs, consider a solid-colored shoe. If you’d prefer a shoe that can double as street-wear, basic black might work best.

Are there any attractive nursing shoes that won’t hurt my feet or fall apart? 

Absolutely! A good pair of leather sneakers can easily meet your needs: you can usually find something sleek and stylish, leather is durable, and if there’s good arch support and a cushioned insole,  you’ll be good to go in the comfort department.

Plus, tennis shoes can double as street wear, particularly if you purchase them in black.

How many pairs of nursing shoes do I need? 

You could probably make do with only one pair, but keep in mind that unless they’re specifically waterproof, they could get wet and take time to dry out. If you purchase a second pair, there are a number of benefits.

First of all, you could get a solid, muted color that goes with everything, and a “fun shoe” for days when you need a little pep in your step.

You could also get both clogs and tennis shoes so you could switch it up depending on your mood, or what kind of work day you’re expecting (For example, if you think you’ll be running a lot, consider grabbing those sneakers).

Finally, having a second (or third) pair of kicks means it’ll take much longer for each pair to wear out. That way if your “favorite” model gets discontinued in the future, you’ll still have the shoe you loved.

Should I go with a clog/slip-on style, or a sneaker with laces? 

Clogs make great easy on/off shoes, and you never have to worry about your laces coming untied. Sneakers are typically lightweight and made for jogging up and down hallways.

Some nurses dislike how bulky a clog can feel, and think the heavy weight isn’t conducive to an active job. Tennis shoes, on the other hand, offer a slimmer profile and fit the athletic nature of nursing.

That being said, it’s more challenging to find water-resistant sneakers, and lacing up your shoes over and over again can become tedious.

You’ll need to ask yourself what your priorities are, and choose the style of shoe that meets those needs most effectively.

So remind me, why do I need nursing shoes? 

Well, you weren’t going to walk around a hospital bare foot, now were you? 😉

You need nursing shoes because these are shoes specifically designed with your unique occupation in mind. They’ll keep your feet comfortable, keep your body safe (no slipping) and the right pair will look super with your scrubs.

Happy shopping!