Dansko vs. Skechers: Do You REALLY Need Expensive Nursing Shoes?

The name “Dansko” can seem almost synonymous with nursing. Nursing Shoes = Dansko.  Even if you don’t own a pair (because, let’s be honest, you were daunted by the price), you feel like you ought to.

Talk to any seasoned nurse and they’ll swear by their white Dansko nursing shoes (or the cute pair with polka dots you’ve been eyeing for weeks). They may even make you feel like you’re not a real nurse until you cough up the cash.

But MUST you buy Dansko nursing clogs? Or could a cheaper brand, like Skechers for nurses, get the job done?

The short answer is that no, you do not need Dansko shoes to be an awesome nurse, and yes, there are Skechers shoes that nurses love.

In our best nursing shoes buying guide, we featured a handful of both brands because they came highly reviewed by so many of you across the country.

Let’s compare a Dansko and Skechers clog, and a Dansko and Skechers sneaker.

Best Nursing Clog

Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog vs. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

DANSKO: First things first: They are leather. Now, if you’re a vegan that won’t sound like a plus, but leather is one of the best materials for shoes if you want them to last.

Of course, leather usually comes with a higher price tag.

The Dansko shoes can cost upwards of $100 per pair. You can get the clogs in all-white, which you’ll need during clinicals, but they also come in a number of other neutral colors, like antique brown and solid black.

Despite being high-quality shoes, many nurses have complained that getting the sizing right is a challenge. If you don’t notice until the end of a work day that they’re killing your feet, it’s already too late to return them. However, when they fit properly, nurses love that they are easy to wipe down and extremely comfortable.

SKECHERS: These aren’t your typical clog aesthetic, but they are easy to slip on and wonderfully resistant to sliding around on wet surfaces. The Danskos are a more attractive shoe, but guess what? These Skechers are also made from leather – at nearly half the price of their Dansko alternative! Just like the Dansko nursing shoes, you can get them in solid white and solid black, but unlike the Dansko, those are your only two color options.

The slip-on nursing shoes have cushioned soles to keep your feet feeling great, but keep in mind that most people who use these think they tend to run large.

VERDICT: If you’re looking for leather nursing clogs, spend the extra $50 and get yourself a pair of high-quality Dansko clogs. You have more color options and the clogs are a bit more stylish.

Best Nursing Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker vs. Dansko Stylish Elise Women Fashion Sneakers


SKECHERS: I absolutely love when style meets comfort, and that it does with these amazing tennis shoes for nurses by Skechers. The memory foam insoles will keep you walking on a cloud all day, and almost every color comes in at under $50.

And just wait until you hear about the colors! There are more than 20 different combinations, from plain old white to leopard print to mint green to gold. If you are a color-loving nurse, you will almost certainly find something to finish off your work ensemble.  

Some of the colors come in leather, while others are made of fabric (so double-check your order on Amazon). The sporty look means you could easily transition from work to play without bringing along a second pair of shoes. And hey, the built-in heel gives you a little extra height, should you need it.

DANSKO: Like the Dansko clogs above, these run closer to $100 depending on the sale. They are made of leather like the Skechers sneakers, but the only color that isn’t suede (which doesn’t hold up well to spills) is black. They are just as great at blending in after work as the Skechers shoes, but they have an overall more utilitarian look. The no-slip soles are a plus, as is how generally lightweight these are.

VERDICT: Skechers all the way. While the Dansko sneakers are great, you have so few color choices and instead of looking sleek and athletic, they have a clunkier aesthetic. Since both come in leather and both are comfortable to spend 8 hours in, why spend an extra $40-$50 to get the Dansko name? Plus, the Skechers come with memory foam insoles!

So there you have it! Both Dansko and Skechers are perfect for you – it just depends on what you’re looking for