Akesso Women’s Helia Slip On Shoe Review


Even if you’re not in love with the clog look, you must admit that slip-on shoes are simply much easier to wear than any kind of lace-up sneaker or tennis shoe.

That’s why I love the Akesso Helia Slip On. It features a much slimmer silhouette than the Dankso Professional Mule, but still eliminates the annoyance (and danger!) of laces.

You still get a quality leather upper, but the price tag on these shoes is significantly less than the Dankso alternative, particularly when they are on sale.  Unfortunately, the soles aren’t specifically non-slip, but you do get a reinforced toe, which is awesome if you’re someone who tends to run into things (no judgement, that’s me all the time!). They’re also more lightweight than a traditional clog, which is great if you run around a lot during your shift.

I don’t think I’d ever choose a shoe for nursing that wasn’t liquid-resistant, and this pair fulfills the waterproof nursing shoes requirement. It also has a comfortable, but removable, insert, which is great if you have custom orthodics or just really love those gel inserts from the drug store.

You can purchase these in both solid white and solid black, but you can also get them in brown, black polka dot, grey hibiscus and some other subdued color/pattern choices. For the nurse who needs wide width nursing clogs, take heart — you can order these in a wide.

They don’t get a full five stars because the sizing seems inconsistent, the soles can be slippery, and when they aren’t on sale, they are still a pretty expensive shoe.

All that to say, you still get a quality leather clog-style shoe that resists spills, wipes clean and comes in a variety of colors and prints. If you want something easy to slip into and comfortable to wear, consider investing in this pair.

Inexpensive Sizing discrepancies (check reviews for recommendations)
Leather Soles are not slip-resistant
Reinforced toe
Removable inserts
Nice color and pattern choices
Waterproof and easy to clean

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