Dansko Women’s Elise Fashion Sneaker Review


If you’re looking for a Dankso-quality shoe in a stylish tennis-shoe skin, this is the sneaker for you! Sporty shoes are perfect for nurse life because let’s face it: Nursing can be a work out.

When you’re nursing, leather shoes can be a God-send. They generally repel water and will hold up over time in a way cheap nursing clogs can’t. Many nurses say a clunkier slip-on style isn’t their thing: Enter these Elise Fashion Sneakers, a perfect alternative to the leather nursing clog. They’re leather, they’re durable, they’re supportive, and they’re attractive.

If you need the water-resistant solid leather upper, these comfortable work shoes for nurses come in white with a little blue trim and solid black. You can also get them in suede in a few other colors (taupe, blue, brown, etc.), but those won’t hold up to bodily fluid spills! I love that these specifically feature no-slip soles, and their lightweight frame makes these easy shoes to wear all day. One of the most common complaints about Dankso clogs is that they weigh down your feet after awhile and aren’t made to run in. So if you work in the ER or anywhere else where sprinting might interrupt your work-flow, consider this sneaker.

Worried about needing to tie up laces? Some nurses say these have enough give that you can leave the laces tied (and double-knotted!) and slip them on just like a clog. Do be aware, though, that these might squeak on tile floors when you first get them, which could be extremely annoying if you’re sensitive to sounds.

I decided to take off some points for the lack of color choices, the expensive price-tag, and the squeaky sole. However, the excellent combination of brand-name, leather upper, supportive insoles and stylish silhouette definitely make these a great buy.

Cute and stylish (easily double as street shoes) Expensive
Black and other color options including all-whiteTend to run small/fit snugly
No-slip soles
Brand recognition

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