Nurse Mates Velocity Sneaker Review


I personally think these are some of the most versatile tennis shoes for nurses on the market.

If you ask a nurse why she chose sneakers over clogs, it’s probably because she wanted something lightweight and easy to maneuver in. However, she might also confess that she misses the ease of slipping into nursing clog shoes, but finds that style too bulky.

In comes the Velocity! These are all-around good sneakers for nurses because of their key feature: Stretchy laces. Instead of normal laces that can come untied (which besides being annoying, is a hazard), these ones stay put and simply expand as you put your shoe on.

Now that’s the best of both worlds.

Even better? This can be a white nursing shoe if you need that shade for clinicals, but you can also get it in a few fun patters including black swirl, blue floral, and a sharp steel blue covered in dotted silver lines. For those of you looking for something more subdued, the grey and black choices will go with just about anything.

Enough about looks, though. How practical is this shoe? It comes equipped with no-slip soles, has a water-resistant upper, and the orthopedic design makes it incredibly comfortable.

The only reason I didn’t give this shoe five whole stars is because it’s not leather, and synthetic materials are rarely as durable. They’d be an excellent value for the price if the material was higher quality, but even though it’s not they are still a great deal for such an adaptable shoe.

Particularly in the solid colors, this sneaker would pair well with leggings or skinny jeans when the day is done in a way that a mule style shoe just can’t.

These are some seriously comfortable tennis shoes for nurses, AND they are easy to get on. These might just be the best nursing sneakers on the market. What more could you want?


Super stylish sneaker Expensive
Stretchy laces Take time to break in
Fun color options as well as black and white choices Some say they aren't as cushioned as other options
Orthopedic design
No-slip soles

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